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How does Career and Technical Education provide students with a solid foundation in academics, hands-on experiences, and prepare them for the world of work?

National Leadership and Skills Conference showcases more than 6,000 outstanding state contest winners through hands-on competitions in over 100 different trade, technical, and leadership fields.

Rhode Island Department of Education: Career and Technical Education

The Data Proves It: Technical Education Students Can Earn More than Others

A new white paper, “Preparing our Students for Career Success — What Parents Should Know,” is now available. It’s written by Douglas Young, managing partner of independent consulting firm Wilcap LLC, and prepared for Universal Technical Institute. Examining the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard and U.S. labor-market trends, the paper provides insights to parents and prospective students on which educational paths will lead to well-paying jobs. It recommends that parents and students adopt an “occupation-driven” approach to education to improve post-graduation outcomes.

The analysis finds that students who choose an industry-aligned, quality postsecondary technical education can go on to earn more, on average, over the long term than their peers at some of the nation’s most selective liberal-arts universities. Career and technical students are better insulated from job losses driven by workforce automation, a growing factor affecting the labor market, according to Young.