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Ivory Ella, an online apparel company known for custom t-shirts and gear that benefits elephant conservation and other charitable causes is partnering with top apparel print manufacturers M+R, Workhorse Products, Ryonet, Garston Screen Supply, Text-source, Wil Flex Poly One, Anthem Screen Printing, Advanced Screen Printing, Great Dane Graphics and Stahls to present an opportunity for your school to earn the chance to WIN state-of-the-art screen printing equipment and supplies for your school!

Winners will receive a state-of-the-art screen printing press, exposure unit, flash unit, ink mixing system, extra ink for lots of trial and error and other various needed supplies. Ivory Ella will supply a custom design t-shirt your school can sell to earn necessary funds to help your school’s needs. We will also donate blank t-shirts to help establish your own sustainable print shop to help
your school raise funds and or for you to use to help improve an organization in your community. Ivory Ella’s own master printer Jay Reid will come and visit your school to help with set up and instruction. Ivory Ella will also invite winning school to come and visit Ivory Ella headquarters.

To do:
Submit a 3 to 5-minute video that communicates why you think your school should earn the prize.

Guiding questions:
• Demonstrate to the judges that your school/program truly needs this upgrade.
• How would earning new equipment improve your educational experience and preparedness?
• Pay it Forward – How you would use this donation to either help your school and or the community. Students must use their skills to partner with a nonprofit in the community and or demonstrate how they will use the new equipment to Pay it Forward.

Entries will be accepted September 7 thru 28. Please upload entries to YouTube and submit contest entrance form and YouTube link to Entries will not be accepted after September 28, 2018.

Contest Rules:
• Only one video per school is permitted. Students must organically shoot content. No professional videographers and or submissions permitted.
• Students are responsible for working with their program director/teacher to gain approval from the principal and school superintendent who must approve their participation in the contest. Students must prove their eligibility by attaching a letter from either principal or school superintendent.
• The school must have at a minimum 800 square feet space to accommodate equipment.
• Students must identify a charitable partner and clearly demonstrate in video their current support and activity for organization and or their intent. Schools must attach the charitable organization’s 5013c form.
• Videos should be free of content suggesting any ill will, aggressiveness towards humans and or animals.
• Any existing tool(s) and or equipment must be recycled and or disposed of appropriately.
• All entries should include enclosed entry form.
• Participating schools must be a member of SkillsUSA organization.

• Entries will be narrowed down a jury of Ivory Ella employees and select award donors.
• Contest winner will be selected no later than October 5, 2018.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to the following:
Ivory Ella – Susan Sarro at
SkillsUSA RI – Josh Klemp at
SkillsUSA MA – Karen Ward at
SkillsUSA CT- Heidi Griffen at

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