Submit your Technical Program for the Excellence in Action Awards

sdThe National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTEc) has announced the third annual Excellence in Action award to recognize and honor superior career technical education (CTE) programs of study.

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Lowe'sLowe’s continues a seventh year of generosity with another round of SkillsUSA grants in 2016. Grant information and the application are now available on the SkillsUSA website The guidelines and focus of the grant program are changed slightly from years past.

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Envision Your Chapter Reaching the Pinnacle of Success through the Chapter Excellence Program

Chapter Excellence ProgramStart your Chapter Excellence Program (CEP) application today and begin to earn recognition for your chapter! The online application is on the main page of SkillsUSA’s membership registration website once you have logged into your school account ( Everything you needed to know about implementing the CEP can be found

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SkillsUSA RI presents “Jump into STEM”

Jump Into StemSkillsUSA has announced the release of a new resource that encourages high-school students to mentor younger students on possible career paths. The Jump Into STEM! program provides tools and activities for SkillsUSA members to help elementary-age participants take part in interactive career experiences. Whether a younger student wants to be an architect or an electrician, a social media specialist or a computer programmer, an industrial designer or an airline pilot, there is information on a possible career for the future. With this groundbreaking new program, SkillsUSA members are bridging the gap between elementary-age students and careers related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

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Want to Make an Impact? Wear Red!

There was a sea of red at this year’s Washington Leadership Training Institute (WLTI). A total of 432 students and advisors from 27 states and Puerto Rico attended the annual WLTI for advocacy training. The showcase activity of the institute was on Tuesday, Sept. 22, when participants wore their well-known red SkillsUSA blazers to the U.S. Capitol and had the opportunity to meet with many of their elected legislators. Photos appeared across social media to document the special day.

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2015-2016 State Officer Team


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Welcome Back from SkillsUSA RI!

Welcome back to another school year. Last school year was a great success for our association; in fact our best ever. Our membership hit an all time high with over 6,700 members, we had the largest state championships in our history, an appearance on The Rhode Show and our best ever showing at the National Leadership and Skills Conference with 20 of our students winning a medal and one student elected to the national officer team. Our successes are due to the support and enthusiasm from our educators and students. We just want to say THANK YOU!
As we enter into a new membership year we are looking to kick it up a couple of notches. Here are some areas we are focusing on for the 2015-2016 school year.

– Celebrating our association’s 40th Anniversary.
– Increasing our professional development opportunities and support for our educators.
– Adding new contests to the 2016 SkillsUSA Rhode Island Championships.
– Growing our middle school membership and adding a new state contest, the Team Engineering Challenge.
– Developing new business and industry partners and increase support for our state champions.
– And finally a new and exciting event called “Jump into STEM” (More details later).

We are an integral part of the CTE experience. SkillsUSA Rhode Island is here to support you and your efforts in the classroom.  Whether it is a guest speaker for your class, someone to serve on your advisory board or questions about a contest; please let us know if you need anything. Thank you for your support for our program.

Have a great school year!

SkillsUSA Theme for 2015-2016

The SkillsUSA competition theme for the 2015-16 year is

SkillsUSA: Champions at Work

Connecting You to Career Success

The topic to be addressed by contestants in the Chapter Display, Prepared Speech and Promotional Bulletin Board competitions is how our theme, SkillsUSA: Champions at Work, addresses the SkillsUSA national program of work in the area of professional development.

Within this topic, contestants might illustrate or discuss any of the following:

  • Why is ensuring career success for every member of SkillsUSA important to the economic health and stability of our nation?
  • Describe how the mission of SkillsUSA — to empower its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens — guarantees career success.
  • How has the vision of career success changed over the decades?
  • Describe the skills and attitudes that business and industry are demanding of students for career success.
  • What elements of SkillsUSA ensure that members experience career success?
  • How has the definition of career success changed for the current generation of students from their grandparents’ generation?
  • What does career success look like in the 21st century?
  • In the next 10 years, what skills are needed to fill the job-market skills gap, and how do SkillsUSA members ensure career success through their SkillsUSA involvement?
  • What are the connections that SkillsUSA has built to ensure career success for its members?
  • How has SkillsUSA adapted over the years to provide members with the skills needed for career success?
  • How has your involvement in SkillsUSA ensured that you will be connected to career success?
  • Career success involves much more than mere dollars; describe the elements of experiencing true career success.
  • Which SkillsUSA programs ensure that members are developing personalskills that are needed for career success? Program examples may include those that improve the following: integrity, self-motivation, work ethic, professionalism and responsibility.
  • Which SkillsUSA programs ensure that members are developing workplaceskills that are needed for career success? Program examples may include those that improve the following skills: communication, decision making, teamwork, cultural sensitivity and leadership.
  • Which SkillsUSA programs ensure that members are developing technicalskills that are needed for career success? Program examples may include those that improve the following skills: technical literacy, job-specific tasks, service to the community, ongoing professional development and an awareness of safety and health issues.

2015 SkillsUSA Champions

Cabinetmaking Nathan Bugbee
College  New England Institute of Tech
Bronze  Warwick, RI
Community Action Project Team B (consisting of Yanilette Cepeda, Katherine Suero)
High School  Providence Career & Technical Academy
Bronze  Providence, RI
Community Service Team E (consisting of Vanessa Montes De Oca, Alexandra Rodriguez)
High School  Providence Career & Technical Academy
Bronze  Providence, RI
Crime Scene Investigation Team O (consisting of Nicole Diaz, Shelby St. Clair, Brianna Randolph)
High School  Chariho Career Tech Center
Gold  Wood River Junction, RI
Crime Scene Investigation Team N (consisting of Stas Belch, Raven Staplins, Nicole Cioffi)
College  New England Institute of Tech
Bronze  Warwick, RI
Health Knowledge Bowl Team S (consisting of Erin Blake, Lizbeth Brea Polanco, Kobe Pereira, Erin Igoe)
High School  Cranston Career Tech Center
Gold  Cranston, RI
Health Occupations Professional Portfolio Samira L Dias
High School  W M Davies Junior Career Tech High School
Silver  Lincoln, RI
Nurse Assisting Celina Carreiro
High School  Warwick Career Tech Center
Silver  Warwick, RI
Robotics and Automation Technology Team AB (consisting of Daniel Rainone, Zachary Lachance)
High School  Cranston Career Tech Center
Silver  Cranston, RI
Technical Drafting Jason Valdes
High School  Warwick Career Tech Center
Silver  Warwick, RI


On June 3rd the 2014-2015 state officer team will complete their terms. SkillsUSA Rhode Island thanks them for their service over the past year. They have done an outstanding job representing our student and teacher members. We wish them the best of luck for the future. Here is what’s next for our student leaders.

From left to right front row:
Amanda Crowley will be attending Rhode Island College majoring in Elementary Education.
Celina Carreiro will be attending Quinnipiac University majoring in Nursing.
Nicole Bucci will be attending Quinnipiac University majoring in Nursing.
Christina Inthasane will be attending Johnson and Wales University majoring in Hospitality Management.
Danielle O’Brien will continue her studies in the fall at Johnson and Wales and she is running for National Office this summer in Louisville.
Amanda Balch will continue her studies in the fall at New England Tech and will be joining the SkillsUSA RI management team.

From left to right back row:
Devon Collins will be attending Johnson and Wales in the fall as an early enrollment student
Tyler Nettleton will be attending Champlain College majoring in Cyber Security and Networking
Orland Iglesias has been accepted into the AmeriCorps NCCC program. NCCC stands for the National Civilian Community Corps.

Not Pictured
Elena Melekos graduated from the Counseling Psychology program at Johnson and Wales. She begins her an internship this summer at a high school in New Jersey.
Rachel Tousignant completed the Running Start program at CCRI this year and will graduate from Coventry High School. Rachel plans on spending the summer backpacking through Europe before she starts the Nursing program at Florida Southern College.